August – Time for Serious Play

Serious Play Conference August 19-22, 2013

Dreading the Dog Days of August? We’re not – August is the month for the annual Serious Play Conference — August 19-22 – at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington (that city on the other side of the lake from Seattle). And Ambient Insight will be there.

The conference is put on by the Serious Games Association each year. Conference details here

Sam Adkins (Ambient Insight’s Chief Research Officer) and I will each deliver a presentation based on findings from our recent research, particularly the 2012-2017 Worldwide Mobile Learning and the upcoming 2012-2017 North America Games-based Learning reports.

Sam will focus on revenues and growth for both Simulation-based Learning and Game-based Learning; and delve into catalysts, buying behavior in different countries and buyer segments, and investment patterns for the global Game-based Learning market. (It may surprise you which regions will experience the highest growth in Game-based Learning.)

I’ll talk about innovations and trends in mobile Game-based Learning. Business models continue to evolve – even crowd-sourcing, as Duolingo does with their free language learning game-based apps. Some models are more successful in certain regions.

BTW: We separate the two types – edugames and sims – because of the pedagogical differences (based on research by Alessi and Trollip, if you want to get technical about it).

Anyway – the Northwest is a fine place to be in August. Nice to discuss a hot market in a cool climate.



CEO Ambient Insight


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